Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I had so much fun! And now I am sooo sore!

This past weekend my mom and daddy drove me up to Dallas to meet some more of our big family. I know most of daddys family and have met moms Uncles and Aunts but I got to meet way more family. It was Mom's Great Uncle John and Great Aunt Mona's 50th anniversary. Not quite sure what that means but they were very sweet....that Uncle John sure smiled alot at me ...course he smiled more at Aunt Mona!
I got to see Aunt Lois again....I love her! I also got to see Uncle Mike and Aunt Cecelia...They are so cool...and Aunt Cecelia has my back! I found out she reads this very blog of mine.

Then I met the most awesome person.....I met my Mom's cousin Deeann. She loved me so much and held me and let me give her puppy kissed on the face!
This is me and Deeann ....

I had so much fun with Miss Sarah also she has an awesome boy dog named George who is part weenie. Mom Didn't get any pictures of me with George or Sarah. Just pictures with Deeann LOL!

Then yesterday Mom and Daddy got me up early and drove me to see Dr. Cargill. I was so sleepy that after they gave me some medicine I ended up sleeping most of the day and when I woke up I had an owie on my tummy. There are 2 stitches on my belly. Mom is spoiling me. I am very sleepy and am kinda drugged....oh They weighed me while I was there.....they told Mom I weigh a whole 9 pounds and 3 oz.

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