Friday, February 27, 2009

World Wide Weenie

Hi everyone!

It has sure been a while since I could get mom to update my blog.

We had an awesome Thanksgiving with family and then Christmas broke our human grandma, Mama Jean passed away. I miss her very much. I even got to go to her burial. Sad lil weenie in a sad lil family.

Then on January 2nd mom threw me my 1st birthday. She made me a Beef and Bacon cake with cream cheese frosting. I shared with my dog was so YUMMY and I got to wear my new Birthday dress. We know how to party in Texas!

At the begining of February we took the 2 hr drive to Austin. Then we went in this building (mom says its called an airport) and waited for our turn to go through the door. While i waited I turned on all my cuteness and gathered a crowd from time to time. Everyone loves me! Then mom made me get in my pink dog carrier (Iuse it in her truck as a safety seat) and we got in this big tube that I couldnt see much on. I could see mom and daddy but thats abt it. We stayed in the tube for abt 4 hours. I napped alot. Then we finaly got out of the tube, I had to find a patch of grass quick! Then we got in a nice car (mom says it was a convertible) and drove for awhile. Then we got to the house of my mom's aunt Teresa. She is so awesome! She has a pup too. Her pups name is Stevie, she is a 200 lb Great Dane! At first I was a lil worried abt her accidentaly stepping on me. While our people were eating a dinner that smelled fabulous Stevie and I became friends and by the end of dinner I was chasing Stevie around the house. Mom's cousin Shad was there too and I thought he was very cool! The people did alot of hugging, talking, and crying we left and drove a lil bit (abt 5 minutes) and I got to see Uncle Mike & Aunt Cecelia....more talking and hugging....I got lots of pets from Nick too. Aunt Cecelia even picked up my favorite food Natural Balance Dog rolls in lamb~Yes I am spoiled~ Daddy, mom and I got to sleep in what they called the 5 star hotel (their motorhome). In the morning I surveyed the area and realized I was on top of a mountain! I could almost see Stevie down in the valley. Mom and Daddy went somewhere for most of the day and I stayed with Uncle Mike and Aunt Cecelia. At first I cried.....I missed them and I like to go with them everywhere. But after awhile I got tired and took a nap with Uncle Mike in his chair. I love him and Aunt Cecelia...they took such good care of me. I love visiting San Diego now! They spoiled me almost as much as mom and Daddy.

Mom's gonna take a break but will add more abt the awesome trip soon!

~Susie Pearl