Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hallowiener 2009

It was the year of the Ladybug! Well at least for this wiener it was! We got all dressed up in matching sweaters then later in our costumes. Here are a few pictures:

Susie Pearl as "The Grumpy Ladybug"

Stormy Sue as "Hot Dog with all the fixins"

Matching cute and warm!

Stormy was afraid of the pumpkins and would NOT pose with them!

There is one more picture of Susie Pearl with the party collar that Aunt Kellie gave us last year. But It needs to be rotated.

Time for a nap!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wow lots of changes!

Well this past week has been full of changes. I had a scary experience with of of my dog family. One of the dogs that lived here with me grabbed my neck and tossed me. I weigh a svelte 9.5 lbs and she weighed around 40 lbs. Mama found her and her brother dog a new home with a nice lady who wouldn't separate them. Then this past Thursday or Friday Mama asked Daddy abt this puppy. She was living down with Mrs. Stacey in Brenham (were I came from as well as my baby sister Sammie Sue). So Saturday night I got to go with Mama and Daddy to pick up my new adopted sister.
Mama and Daddy haven't settled on a full AKC name for her yet but we are calling her Stormy. Mama like the name "Ladybugs Dewberry Storm". She will be an awesome friend for me and since she is a Mini Weenie like me we wont have to worry abt anyone hurting the other.
She doesn't know how to jump so I am staying in Great granny's chair until I want to play with her. She is cute but someone has to hold back the ooohs and ahhhs.
Mama says she gets a blog too so I guess we'll link to each other soon.
here is what she looks like:

Much Love to all!

~Susie Pearl

P.S. Mama still hasn't decided about Wienerfest this Saturday. We will most likely go but not race.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


My Mama just made this awesome new blog set for my blog. She says it's all me cuz I have a bunch of "Doxie Moxie"....y'think?

It's an exciting time for a weenie like me. My Daddy has been working the overnight shift and Mam went back to work. Starting next month I will be by myself for 9 hours a day! What's a weenie to do for 9 hours? I of course am a good girl and am sure I won't get into to much trouble!
Also at the end of next month is Daddy's birthday and to celebrate Mama and Daddy are taking me to see Aunt Lois, Deeann and Haley when they visit Aunt Mona and Uncle John up in Dallas!

Lots of excitement huh?

More later Dawgs!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The big surprise was ......

Hope y'all are ready for the big surprise...

Ok here is the scoop. My mama had this dream ...I was playing at Aunt Lois's house with mama and mama's cousin Deeann was playing with a fluffy longhaired red Doxie. In the dream mama heard her Uncle Bill say Deeann needs her dachshund. The wierd thing is Uncle Bill passed away last August. Mama had the same dream FIVE nights in a row! So she called the lady who has my dog mama (Mrs Stacey Hayes at H2K Dachshunds in Brenham Texas). Turns out that my dog mama had a girl puppy that very morning! So my mama got in touch with Deeann's family...her son Travis asked his dad if it would be ok to give Deeann the puppy. He finaly said yes so mama prepared for the arrival of the puppy who is now known as Sammie.
Mama had to have surgery on her neck and the next weekend mama and daddy went to pick up Sammie. For 3 weeks I got to teach her how to be a proper weenie dog. She got lessons in digging and stick carrying and a bunch more. Anyway here are a few pictures of me and my baby sister:

Aren't we a cute pair?!

Right after her first bath!

Sammie and her new mama Deeann

I still miss her cuz she now lives all the way out in California and I live in Texas. Mama says we are going to visit at christmas so I guess that will do.

Also mam just made me this spiffy new blog set. What do y'all think? I like it because ....well it's pink!

More later...

~Susie Pearl

Friday, July 3, 2009

We have been busy....but it's still top secret..

Hi again everyone!
Just a heads up...sometime in about a week we will have a big update. We have been working on a secret lil something and in the next week we'll be able to tell all.
So stay tuned!
Oh and forgive the background theme weirdness Mom got caught up in the secret thing and didnt get to work on it as much.
Well that and Mom had to have an over night at the hospital place and came home with a big cut in her neck. Daddy said mom had surgery...I dont know what that means but she was so sick and in pain for a week or two after she came back from that hospital place. She is better now partialy thanks to the secret thing and my awesome healing powers. I just layed in her lap while she layed in Daddy's recliner!
More later!
~Susie Pearl

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hanging out in the back yard

Just hanging out in the back yard loving the sun in Daddy's chair!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Buda Texas Wiener Fest

Hi Everyone!

We just got back from Wiener Fest in Buda Texas!

I had so much fun! Lots to sniff and wow there were a lot of other Weenies!

I want to give a shout out to Cloe the awesome red piebald girl we met when we first got to the Hampton. Then there was a red piebald boy named Tater and a black/tan girl (who snapped at me)...Tater seemed cool but the other pup didnt want me to get to close to him.

Then we met up with Daddy's cousin Kim and her husband Robert (I like him alot). We all got on a yellow bus and rode down with some other weenies and owners to this big park with lots of booths. Oh and LOTS OF WEENIE DOGS!

Everywhere I looked I saw dogs that looked jut like me in every color combination imaginable!

After a while I got to sniff the ground some and sniff a few other dogs we looked at booths since the days races were over. Mom bought the coolest thing for me to ride on her front or back. It's Called a Ruff Life Rider....Cousin Kim took a picture of me in it with Mom and Dad in front of the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile.

Seriously "Laid Back"

We looked at all of the other booths.....Mom and Dad bought t shirts from the all Texas Dachshund Rescue.

After all of that we all went back to the Hampton and all the humans sat around and talked.I took a nap in Robert's lap..and Dad played with me. Then Kim and Robert left. We went for a few walks and then I nestled in for a nice nap on the oh so soft bed....I give the bed 5 paws!

Mom says I get to race next year!

Nite all!

~Susie Pearl

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's been so sunny!

Time for a Wiener roast LOL

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blue Bonnets

The annual trip to take pictures in the bluebonnets

We had a ball taking pictures in the Texas Blue Bonnets. Last year I didn't want to pose in the Blue flowers...the place Momma and Daddy took me to had PINK flowers so I f course preferred them. This year they took me to a place with only blue flowers so I gave in and allowed mom to snap a few pictures of me with them....she even caught me eating them a time or two.

They smell so YUMMY!

They are tasty!

More later Momma has to go!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Weenie Trip ahead!

I have been so irritated by all this rain! The grass just got cut and yet my lil weenie body and legs get soaked by just tying to go out to do the business. Mom says it will make all the flowers here in central Texas . Oh I just heard her say this...Tomorrow....lobster....Tiara....bluebonnets. Ohh Mom just told me that she and Daddy are going to go to the lunch place called Red Lobster then they are going to get their pedi somethings, and then they are going to come home and pick me and my BIG brother Harley Bear to get our pictures taken in the Blue Bonnets. Last year I was such a cute puppy but I would only pose in the pretty pink flowers. Mom and Daddy wanted me to pose in the blue ones....PLEASE! I loooooooovvve PINK!

Mom also just gave me the most awesome news!!!! We are going on a road trip! To the Buda Wienerfest in a few weeks!!! And we got a room a the Hampton Inn and they said we can bring Harley Bear! We are going to have fun!
April 25th and 26th will be fun!

Later Dawgs!
Susie Pearl

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday we had visitors. Daddy's cousin Kimberly and her husband Robert and awesome daughter Amanda visited us. They live about 2 or 3 hours away so it was a real treat. Lots of playing fetch in the back yard with Amanda. Mom took pictures but I was to busy to pose!
More later!
~Susie Pearl

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pup of the Year (2008) @ Daily Doxie. com

Click above to go to the award page

Yep our little lady was picked as Daily Doxies Pup of the year!

Click HERE to go to her profile @ Daily Doxie

Check out the cool gifts Suzy and Walter sent our Susie Pearl (it arrived on her birthday!)

We are sooooo proud of our little golden wiener!

Ok so Mom's been decorating for Easter...

We still need to tell you all about the last half of our trip to California. But mom wants to finish decorating the weenie blog for Easter.....We're heading to the dog parrk so more later and maybe a bunch of pictures!

~Susie Pearl

Ok now to the last half of the trip to California. We followed Uncle MIke and Aunt Cecelia 's motorhome on the road til we got to an awesome place where I brought and received much joy and happiness. We were at Aunt Lois's house! I LOVE her and get a bad case of waggy tail when I see her. I got to be petted by her and all of Mom's cousins for the next 2 days. They had a big party with all but one of mom's cousins was there. I was so worn out! Then the last day mom and Daddy decided not to crate me in Aunt Lois's house while they went to breakfast. I was such a good girl in her very nice house that Mom siad I dont have to use my crate if I don't want to when I am alone. Then they all hugged us and we drove to the place with the metal tubes and we were in a tube for 5 or so hourse and then we drove home. It was a big awesome trip.

Friday, February 27, 2009

World Wide Weenie

Hi everyone!

It has sure been a while since I could get mom to update my blog.

We had an awesome Thanksgiving with family and then Christmas broke our human grandma, Mama Jean passed away. I miss her very much. I even got to go to her burial. Sad lil weenie in a sad lil family.

Then on January 2nd mom threw me my 1st birthday. She made me a Beef and Bacon cake with cream cheese frosting. I shared with my dog was so YUMMY and I got to wear my new Birthday dress. We know how to party in Texas!

At the begining of February we took the 2 hr drive to Austin. Then we went in this building (mom says its called an airport) and waited for our turn to go through the door. While i waited I turned on all my cuteness and gathered a crowd from time to time. Everyone loves me! Then mom made me get in my pink dog carrier (Iuse it in her truck as a safety seat) and we got in this big tube that I couldnt see much on. I could see mom and daddy but thats abt it. We stayed in the tube for abt 4 hours. I napped alot. Then we finaly got out of the tube, I had to find a patch of grass quick! Then we got in a nice car (mom says it was a convertible) and drove for awhile. Then we got to the house of my mom's aunt Teresa. She is so awesome! She has a pup too. Her pups name is Stevie, she is a 200 lb Great Dane! At first I was a lil worried abt her accidentaly stepping on me. While our people were eating a dinner that smelled fabulous Stevie and I became friends and by the end of dinner I was chasing Stevie around the house. Mom's cousin Shad was there too and I thought he was very cool! The people did alot of hugging, talking, and crying we left and drove a lil bit (abt 5 minutes) and I got to see Uncle Mike & Aunt Cecelia....more talking and hugging....I got lots of pets from Nick too. Aunt Cecelia even picked up my favorite food Natural Balance Dog rolls in lamb~Yes I am spoiled~ Daddy, mom and I got to sleep in what they called the 5 star hotel (their motorhome). In the morning I surveyed the area and realized I was on top of a mountain! I could almost see Stevie down in the valley. Mom and Daddy went somewhere for most of the day and I stayed with Uncle Mike and Aunt Cecelia. At first I cried.....I missed them and I like to go with them everywhere. But after awhile I got tired and took a nap with Uncle Mike in his chair. I love him and Aunt Cecelia...they took such good care of me. I love visiting San Diego now! They spoiled me almost as much as mom and Daddy.

Mom's gonna take a break but will add more abt the awesome trip soon!

~Susie Pearl