Monday, October 12, 2009

Wow lots of changes!

Well this past week has been full of changes. I had a scary experience with of of my dog family. One of the dogs that lived here with me grabbed my neck and tossed me. I weigh a svelte 9.5 lbs and she weighed around 40 lbs. Mama found her and her brother dog a new home with a nice lady who wouldn't separate them. Then this past Thursday or Friday Mama asked Daddy abt this puppy. She was living down with Mrs. Stacey in Brenham (were I came from as well as my baby sister Sammie Sue). So Saturday night I got to go with Mama and Daddy to pick up my new adopted sister.
Mama and Daddy haven't settled on a full AKC name for her yet but we are calling her Stormy. Mama like the name "Ladybugs Dewberry Storm". She will be an awesome friend for me and since she is a Mini Weenie like me we wont have to worry abt anyone hurting the other.
She doesn't know how to jump so I am staying in Great granny's chair until I want to play with her. She is cute but someone has to hold back the ooohs and ahhhs.
Mama says she gets a blog too so I guess we'll link to each other soon.
here is what she looks like:

Much Love to all!

~Susie Pearl

P.S. Mama still hasn't decided about Wienerfest this Saturday. We will most likely go but not race.