Friday, November 21, 2008

Stitches and some pics

Hi Again everyone!
Well Mr Jacob took my stitches out. I wore my sweater from Aunt Cecelia to feel brave

It wasn't so bad at all!

Then like a week or so later Mama got me a new treat jar and a bunch of Carob Mint Treats (my favorite)

This is my cat brother Newman in MY crate! The indignity of it all. He's been trying to claim my pink bed too.

This is my new version of Crazy Ear(s).
My cute cream sweater Mama found on clearance at Petsmart..Nice fashion at a nice price she says.

Well It's time to go... literally!

Susie Pearl

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wienerfest and some post op stuff...

Hello again everyone!
I have had a healing week...I had surgery Tuesday. I have 2 stitches on my belly that are healing slooowly. They itch and hurt so I have to lick em and bite at them until one of my people reminds me I am not suppose to. I will be glad when I go back to the Vet and get them removed.

Then yesterday Mama and Daddy decided to take me to Wienerfest, even though I am still getting better. They are so smart though! Mama brought my sling and when I got tired of walking she gave me a ride. Yep I am spoiled.

When we got home I was so tired and keep picking at my stitches so Mama gave me a peice of a pill and it made it stop hurting and I took a nap....Those pills make me feel funny!!!

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~Susie Pearl

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I had so much fun! And now I am sooo sore!

This past weekend my mom and daddy drove me up to Dallas to meet some more of our big family. I know most of daddys family and have met moms Uncles and Aunts but I got to meet way more family. It was Mom's Great Uncle John and Great Aunt Mona's 50th anniversary. Not quite sure what that means but they were very sweet....that Uncle John sure smiled alot at me ...course he smiled more at Aunt Mona!
I got to see Aunt Lois again....I love her! I also got to see Uncle Mike and Aunt Cecelia...They are so cool...and Aunt Cecelia has my back! I found out she reads this very blog of mine.

Then I met the most awesome person.....I met my Mom's cousin Deeann. She loved me so much and held me and let me give her puppy kissed on the face!
This is me and Deeann ....

I had so much fun with Miss Sarah also she has an awesome boy dog named George who is part weenie. Mom Didn't get any pictures of me with George or Sarah. Just pictures with Deeann LOL!

Then yesterday Mom and Daddy got me up early and drove me to see Dr. Cargill. I was so sleepy that after they gave me some medicine I ended up sleeping most of the day and when I woke up I had an owie on my tummy. There are 2 stitches on my belly. Mom is spoiling me. I am very sleepy and am kinda drugged....oh They weighed me while I was there.....they told Mom I weigh a whole 9 pounds and 3 oz.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Sites to See

Since today is suppose to be a "day of rest",
I am just going to share a few sites on Sundays when I can.

Doxie Spot

The Daily Doxie

Have a great one y'all!



Friday, September 26, 2008

Bow WOW Lotsto catch up on!

Wow it's been a while since mom and I updated my blog.
So much has happened. Uncle Josh came to visit us from Utah. I had not met him til then. Mom got a bad phone call the night before Uncle Josh got here. All I know is she did a lot of crying (mom's a tough cookie so this must have been a big deal)...I did my best to lick all those tears away and stayed close to her til Daddy could get home. Then I heard the terrible news! Mom's Uncle Bill passed away of a sudden, unexpected heart attack. I Just saw him when he visited us back in May. Us dogs know a good soul when we see one and mom's Uncle Bill was one. So while Mom and Daddy went to some place called California, Uncle Josh took care of us. He was a lot of fun.He took me for walks and even though he doesn't do it like mom I had fun. He was a fun new person to get to know. When Mom and Daddy got back I was so excited to see them I peed on mom! I couldn't help it...she was gone 4 whole days!
When it was time for Uncle Josh to go home I got to go along for the 2 hour each way ride to Austin! Mom and I had lots of fun! I sure will be excited to go back to the airport cuz next time Mom says I get to go on the airplane with her and Daddy to that place California and that I'll get to see a bunch of her family. We will be there from the day after Christmas (what's Christmas?) until the day or two after my birthday (Jan 2nd) so I will get to be the birthday traveling Weenie!

Oh and get this Mom's Great Uncle and Great Aunt will be having a big party in a few weeks in Dallas....and I get to go there too! I love traveling in my pink Car seat/ roll on carrier!

Well I don't have to much else to bark about.....I went to the dog park today and no big dogs picked on me or even tried to roll me! I met some nice dogs...Maxim the tiny Min Pin (he is smaller than me!). Oh and I met 2 awesome dog named Marco and Polo! They were smallish too .... Very nice! Everyone thought I was so cute in my denim harness! And of course I was! Ok Well I am all tuckered out!

My Pearl of wisdom for today:
Enjoy every minute you have!
Oh and while you are at it check out this site

Later Dawgs!
Susie Pearl

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wow! Saturday was a blast!

Dad didn't have to work and before the Nascar race started Mom and Dad packed me up and took me to Aunt Kellie's house. I always get so excited when Aunt Kellie comes to my house but going to her house is an extra treat because she has 7 dog friends for me to play with. I have been there before but never got to play chase with the pack. Even Trixie, who before acted like she wanted to bite me, played with me. I ran and ran and ran after Aunt Kellie and Mom closed the gate by the road. Below is a picture of me that mom took.....running is so fun!
Mom loves taking pictures of me with crazy ears!



~Susie Pearl

Saturday, July 5, 2008

My first blog post

Susie in Jr. Jersey

HI I am Susie Pearl!
My mom stumbled upon a few AWESOME Blogs by Dogs and realized I had to have one!
I had my half birthday on July 2nd....yep I'm 6 months old. I am the lifelong dream of my mom. Her grandparents always had a Susie and a Freddie. I am named for those Susies and her Grandma Pearl. I feel pretty special....cuz I am!

I share mom and daddy with my 3 cat siblings: Spot (the fat Orange cat) and Newman and Diva (they are Manx Cats that are brother and sister a year apart). I also share my parents with Big Harley Bear (he is shepherd and chow) and Dixie and Pookie the outside Pug/Rat Terriers.

See the awesome Dale Jr jersey I am wearing in the picture? Mom got that for me before I was even home. It doesn't fit me mom retired it after I wore it the last time. It just happened to be the day Dale won his first race in the 88.
Mom says she is going to order a Ryan Newman jersey so I can show some love for daddys favorite driver. Ill ask her to post a pic of me in when it arrives.

Well, I think we need to get out of here...daddy said something abt going to visit Aunt Kellie. I love her! Toddles!
~Susie Pearl