Saturday, September 19, 2009


My Mama just made this awesome new blog set for my blog. She says it's all me cuz I have a bunch of "Doxie Moxie"....y'think?

It's an exciting time for a weenie like me. My Daddy has been working the overnight shift and Mam went back to work. Starting next month I will be by myself for 9 hours a day! What's a weenie to do for 9 hours? I of course am a good girl and am sure I won't get into to much trouble!
Also at the end of next month is Daddy's birthday and to celebrate Mama and Daddy are taking me to see Aunt Lois, Deeann and Haley when they visit Aunt Mona and Uncle John up in Dallas!

Lots of excitement huh?

More later Dawgs!