Friday, July 3, 2009

We have been busy....but it's still top secret..

Hi again everyone!
Just a heads up...sometime in about a week we will have a big update. We have been working on a secret lil something and in the next week we'll be able to tell all.
So stay tuned!
Oh and forgive the background theme weirdness Mom got caught up in the secret thing and didnt get to work on it as much.
Well that and Mom had to have an over night at the hospital place and came home with a big cut in her neck. Daddy said mom had surgery...I dont know what that means but she was so sick and in pain for a week or two after she came back from that hospital place. She is better now partialy thanks to the secret thing and my awesome healing powers. I just layed in her lap while she layed in Daddy's recliner!
More later!
~Susie Pearl