Saturday, July 5, 2008

My first blog post

Susie in Jr. Jersey

HI I am Susie Pearl!
My mom stumbled upon a few AWESOME Blogs by Dogs and realized I had to have one!
I had my half birthday on July 2nd....yep I'm 6 months old. I am the lifelong dream of my mom. Her grandparents always had a Susie and a Freddie. I am named for those Susies and her Grandma Pearl. I feel pretty special....cuz I am!

I share mom and daddy with my 3 cat siblings: Spot (the fat Orange cat) and Newman and Diva (they are Manx Cats that are brother and sister a year apart). I also share my parents with Big Harley Bear (he is shepherd and chow) and Dixie and Pookie the outside Pug/Rat Terriers.

See the awesome Dale Jr jersey I am wearing in the picture? Mom got that for me before I was even home. It doesn't fit me mom retired it after I wore it the last time. It just happened to be the day Dale won his first race in the 88.
Mom says she is going to order a Ryan Newman jersey so I can show some love for daddys favorite driver. Ill ask her to post a pic of me in when it arrives.

Well, I think we need to get out of here...daddy said something abt going to visit Aunt Kellie. I love her! Toddles!
~Susie Pearl



Woof Susie Pearl

We just can't believe what we're seeing. Finally another Dale Jr. fan. We told Mom and she tripped over the four of us to get a look at you with the number 88. She's so excited but you know how humans overreact. Anyway, can we copy your picture and put it on our blog? We think it's really cool.
Oh, can we add you to our favorite doggie blog list?

Desert Pups,
Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life Inside The Fence.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Susie Pearl!
Nice to meet you!
I am a dachshund who lives in Mexico. I hope we can be friends!
Kisses and hugs

Chris & Mackenzie said...

Susie Pearl,

Hello! I'm a Golden living here in Sugar Land. We're preparing for the hurricane which is to say that the humans are eating pudding while watching television. They have it tough. (insert sarcasm here)