Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The big surprise was ......

Hope y'all are ready for the big surprise...

Ok here is the scoop. My mama had this dream ...I was playing at Aunt Lois's house with mama and mama's cousin Deeann was playing with a fluffy longhaired red Doxie. In the dream mama heard her Uncle Bill say Deeann needs her dachshund. The wierd thing is Uncle Bill passed away last August. Mama had the same dream FIVE nights in a row! So she called the lady who has my dog mama (Mrs Stacey Hayes at H2K Dachshunds in Brenham Texas). Turns out that my dog mama had a girl puppy that very morning! So my mama got in touch with Deeann's family...her son Travis asked his dad if it would be ok to give Deeann the puppy. He finaly said yes so mama prepared for the arrival of the puppy who is now known as Sammie.
Mama had to have surgery on her neck and the next weekend mama and daddy went to pick up Sammie. For 3 weeks I got to teach her how to be a proper weenie dog. She got lessons in digging and stick carrying and a bunch more. Anyway here are a few pictures of me and my baby sister:

Aren't we a cute pair?!

Right after her first bath!

Sammie and her new mama Deeann

I still miss her cuz she now lives all the way out in California and I live in Texas. Mama says we are going to visit at christmas so I guess that will do.

Also mam just made me this spiffy new blog set. What do y'all think? I like it because ....well it's pink!

More later...

~Susie Pearl

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