Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wienerfest and some post op stuff...

Hello again everyone!
I have had a healing week...I had surgery Tuesday. I have 2 stitches on my belly that are healing slooowly. They itch and hurt so I have to lick em and bite at them until one of my people reminds me I am not suppose to. I will be glad when I go back to the Vet and get them removed.

Then yesterday Mama and Daddy decided to take me to Wienerfest, even though I am still getting better. They are so smart though! Mama brought my sling and when I got tired of walking she gave me a ride. Yep I am spoiled.

When we got home I was so tired and keep picking at my stitches so Mama gave me a peice of a pill and it made it stop hurting and I took a nap....Those pills make me feel funny!!!

Have you visited my daily doxie page?
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~Susie Pearl


Lorenza said...

Hi, Susie Pearl!
I hope you are feeling better now and your tummy does not hurt you too much!
Kisses and hugs

Raising Addie said...


I hope you are feeling much better now!

Did you have a lot of fun at Wienerfest? My sister won the oldest Dachshund contest at a Wiener festival a few weeks ago.

I love going to fests and dog events. There is always someone giving out tasty treats!


Raising Addie said...

P.S. I voted for you. Your pictures were adorable!

Ruby said...

Hi Susie Pearl

I'm Ruby & a miniature dachshund to. I love being spoiled.

I'm sorry that your tummy hurts.
Maybe when you're feeling better you can drop by & say hello.

Ruby the Mini Dacshund.

Baily said...

Hi Susie Pearl,

i hope you are feeling better!

lots of nose licks

happy said...

Hi Susie Pearl! Hope you are feeling better now.